Support & Quality

  1. Supervise the factory to establish and perfect the system of job responsibility, timely formulate or revise and strictly carry out the operation regulations, observe discipline production.
  2. Supervise and urge the factory earnestly civilization production, especially to maintain good production order, reasonably equipped with workstation, and make sure production channels unblocked. Greening the environment, prevent pollution and dust. Strengthening the field management, vigorously carry out the “6 s” management (sorting, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, quality and safety).
  3. To supervise the factory before production preparation, reasonable arrangement of production scheduling.
  4. Supervise and urge the factory organized equipment maintenance work, keep the technology of equipment in good condition. After the repair equipment to achieve quality standards. To improve the equipment, to ensure that work, card, the quantity, the precision of the cutting quality.
  5. Well material, material supply quality management. Strictly incoming material inspection and acceptance, the unqualified and not the contract of the material, or return or rejection. Strengthen the materials storage, prevent damage, deterioration. Improve the service quality and ensure timely supply. All the materials department unified underwriting products, materials department to be responsible for the quality of materials, materials exactly.
  6. Use system documents for quality supervision and inspection activities and to statistics all kinds of information. Unqualified factors (unqualified refers to does not conform to specified requirements, divided into nonconforming product and the unqualified item) is always more or less be found, it is important to be found unqualified factor is what property. If it is general is unqualified, it to the final product quality impact is not big, the unqualified factor is more easy to correct; If it is serious or with systemic is unqualified, will cause a high degree of attention, because it will affect the normal operation of the system, so that the final product defect or scrap. So quality system set up to the supervision and inspection of the quality activities, so as to timely to sort out the unqualified factors, and find out the reasons, actively adopt corresponding corrective and preventive measures, unqualified factors completely solved, in order to prevent the happening again. When found unqualified, will carry on the control, and requirement analysis reason, also, to prevent happen again the same problem, this is the corrective action. In making correct measures on the basis of this may lead to the unqualified factors (man, machine, material, method, ring, measuring) to set the constraint conditions (system documents, standards, etc.) to ensure that the fluctuations of these factors not beyond the scope of the constraint condition, this is to prevent unqualified basic content. For corrective and preventive measures to track inspection, implementation of closed loop zero management, so that the production process quality improvement. Even so, some factors will have wave motion, but also to cause the reason of fluctuation in the impossible once knew very comprehensive, very accurate, this needs in the process monitoring constantly find out the reasons, find a, eliminate a, fluctuate toward zero the aim of close to.
  7. Supervise and urge the factory to improve packaging quality. According to the product features, and make the packaging standard, strictly according to the standard for packaging and testing, product packaging unqualified must rework. To continuously improve the product packaging, achieve beautiful and easy.